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Welcome to Sakura

Sakura Teppanyaki& Sushi is located in 5882 Forbes Ave (In Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh,PA 15217, Tel:412-422-7188) which is famous for Chinese traditional Northwest cuisine. As most know, Xinjiang Style Chicken, Shredded Pancake Lamb Soup, BBQ pork sandwich and Lamb Minced Noodle Soup are specialties. There are also some famous traditional Chinese dishes like Cumin Beef/Lamb, Salt Baked Pork Ribs, Home style Pork Belly with Youtiao, Nang Bao Rou, Golden Pancke Pork and Foil Tofu. Moreover, we have joined the Chinese Xi'an famous restaurant ''GuanZhongWangJi" and launched many kinds of noodle such as Qishan Minced Pork Noodle, Laotongguan Pork Sandwich, Egg Filling Pancake and Smoked Pork Pancake. What's more, between 10 AM and 1 PM on every Saturday and Sunday, we provide many flour-made dishes such as Beef Puff Pancake, Scallion Puff Pancake and Egg Filling Pancake.You can also enjoy Chinese traditional brunchincluding fresh soybean milk, Youtiao, Tofu Jelly and many kinds of raised meat in soy sauce.

There is also an excellent sushi chef in Sakura so that you can enjoy different kinds of fresh sushi here. Sakura is also a good choice for any parties since there are beers, draft beers, wines for celebrating.

To make Chinese students' life more convenient, Sakura has been providing food delivery to CMU every Monday to Friday for years. We confirm the food diversity and nutrition according to students' requirements. Please have a look at the booking website if interested.

Sakura is always concerning every customer's requirement, focusing on making every dish perfect and dealing with every detail. Welcome to Sakura and we are always preparing to provide the best services to you.


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以经营传统的西北菜肴著称的Sakura(百家香)位于5882 Forbes AVE(In Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh,PA 15217,电话:412-422-7188)。地处匹兹堡繁华市区,交通便捷。我们有新疆大盘鸡,羊肉泡馍,肉夹馍,羊肉臊子面等招牌菜还有孜然牛肉(羊),椒盐排骨,农家小炒肉,馕包肉,金饼五花肉,纸锅豆腐以及其它好吃的小炒,应广大客户的需求,我们还加盟了中国西安著名的"关中王记"店,推出岐山臊子面,老潼关肉夹馍,牛肉酥饼,鸡蛋灌饼,熏肉大饼等经典西北食品。每周六周日10:00AM-2:00 PM,您可以品尝新鲜甜品,油条,豆腐脑,酱牛肉,猪耳朵,牛肚,牛筋,独门卤的卤蛋和爽口小菜供应。


Sakura 官网及订餐网站:http://www.sakura-pgh.com

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